MedX Enhanced Spine Rehab

MedX Enhanced Spine Rehab

MedEx Spine

FIRST Rehab is one of only a handful of clinics that offers MedX lumbar and cervical medical evaluation and treatment. The state-of-the-art computerized MedX medical testing and strengthening equipment is used to test then treat patients with neck and/or low back pain as well as limited range of motion resulting from long-term pain and dysfunction.

What makes these machines so special? Isolation!

Because we can isolate the source of the neck pain or low back pain and rehabilitate it we are able to see a significant improvement and patients report less pain and more mobility within the first few weeks or within the first few treatments. Even patients who have suffered from neck and back pain for years note significant improvement rather quickly.

The MedX lumbar and cervical extension machine provides functional testing and rehabilitation of the lumbar and cervical spine. A unique method of stabilizing the pelvis, providing true isolation of the deep muscles of the lumbar spine. Weakness in these muscle groups has been associated with low back pain and susceptibility to future back injuries, pain and disability. MEDX is the only rehabilitative computerized equipment that specifically isolates the smaller and weaker lumbar and cervical muscles that are critical for core stabilization. These core muscles are required in activities performed everyday, such as walking, standing and lifting.

 Who Can Benefit from MedX:

  • People with chronic neck or back pain
  • People who have chronic headaches caused by muscular weakness
  • People who have injured the neck or back in a motor vehicle accident
  • People with herniated, bulging or degenerative discs
  • People who have not responded to or get only temporary relief with traditional physical therapy, chiropractic treatment and epidurals.


Strength and function are restored as a result of MEDX use by improving spinal stabilization and control; thus pain is reduced. MEDX also dramatically reduces the chance of further reinjury by providing patients with a stable trunk.  Our approach is very powerful and we have thousands of satisfied patients to prove it! 

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