Insurances Accepted

  • FIRST Rehab accepts the following insurances
  • BCBS

We accept most major medical insurance plans.  Our staff will provide you with your benefit information prior to treatment.  As a courtesy, we will file all primary and secondary claims for you as our patient.  Please call before scheduling to see if we are participating providers.

Workers’ Compensation

FIRST Rehab works closely with employers, case managers, adjusters and insurance companies to provide the highest quality of care to the injured worker. We are dedicated to helping patients injured on the job achieve their maximum potential to return to the workforce as quickly as possible. Provider for all major Worker’s Compensation networks
3 locations in Palm Beach County.
Injured workers are scheduled within one working day of receiving authorization
Early morning and late evening hours to accommodate work schedules.
Constant Communication with physician, nurse case manager, and adjuster.
We focus on you and the requirements for returning to work.

Functional Capacity Evaluations


The physical therapists at FIRST Rehab are trained in the Matheson System of Functional Capacity Evaluation’s (FCEs.) Our Matheson System trained therapists “think outside the box.” The FCE is used by physicians, case managers, and employers to transition injured workers from disability to function and employment. This is an important bridge from the impairment phase of medical evaluation to the disability recovery phase. The FCE is the single most efficient test to determine if a successful return-to-work is possible.

The Evaluation

The Evaluation includes an intake interview, physical assessment, and functional assessment.
FCE’s focus on functional ability instead of pain limitation associated with an impairment.
Strength, flexibility, endurance, and body mechanics are assessed.
Reliability of patient reports and motivation are assessed.
Pushing, pulling, lifting, carrying, reaching, and gripping are assessed through functional testing.
Testing takes 3-4 hrs.


We accept all auto insurances and Letter of Protections (LOPs) from your Attorney’s office. Please call our office to schedule your first appointment.

Payment Options

We accept Visa, Mastercard, cash, and personal checks.
If you do not have private insurance, please call our office and we will be happy to work out a fee schedule for you