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    First Rehab West Palm Beach

    Physical Therapy
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    Choosing a Physical Therapist: Tips

    West Palm Beach Physical Therapy: Best Choice


    Many people don’t realize that they have a choice when it comes to where they attend physical therapy. You are an important member of your own healthcare team, and it’s important to make an informed choice. Consider the following 5 things that can make all the difference in your care and outcomes.


    1. Credentials – Did you know not all physical therapy is the same? Credentials are an indication of advanced or specialty training that can mean you will feel better and move better, faster. Look for a therapist who has experience treating your specific condition and pursues advanced training, such as orthopaedics or manual therapy.

    The FIRST Rehab Difference: FIRST Rehab supports therapists with advanced training in orthopaedic manual therapy, proven more effective for many diagnoses and a number of specialties. FIRST Rehab has more specialty therapists than any other provider in this region for your best results.


    2. Customized – Every patient is unique with their own heath history, physical challenges and diagnosis. Ask about the plan of care that will be created for you. Be sure to listen for “customized” or “personalized” to ensure the plan is right for you.

    The FIRST Rehab Difference: We create your plan of care customized to you, taking into consideration your goals, weaknesses and diagnosis.


    3. Convenience – Studies show you are more likely to complete your plan of care when the clinic is convenient to your home or place of employment, so set yourself up for success. Completing the plan of care is a very important step towards recovery as studies have shown that those who complete their plan are seven times more likely to return to work, use less healthcare benefits and are seven times less likely to have additional injuries and surgeries.

    The FIRST Rehab Difference: FIRST Rehab offers more locations for your convenience and complete recovery. We have two convenient locations to serve you. Our West Palm Beach office is located on Palm Beach Lakes ¼ mile west of I-95 and our Lake Worth office is on Congress approximately ¼ mile north of JFK Hospital.


    4. Compliance – We accept most major medical insurance plans. Your health insurance may require a referral as part of your insurance plan.

    The FIRST Rehab Difference: Our staff will provide you with your insurance benefit information prior to treatment. As a courtesy, we will file all primary and secondary claims for you as our patient.


    5. Confidence – Recommendations from patients who had a great experience can help you make your decision with confidence. Ask the therapist for testimonials or see what patients are saying about us on Google and Facebook.

    Choose the FIRST Rehab Difference: We love getting testimonials from our patients and hearing their stories. Click on the Green box on the top of our homepage to share your physical therapy experience with others on Google. Also like us on our Facebook Page.

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