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    First Rehab West Palm Beach

    Physical Therapy
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    • West Palm Beach, Florida
    • Lake Worth/Atlantis, Florida
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    About us

    Pain Management and Physical Therapy in West Palm Beach

    For over twenty years FIRST Rehabilitation has operated as an independent, outpatient physical therapy clinic specializing in pain management in Palm Beach County and pain management to West Palm Beach. At FIRST Rehab we are committed to providing our patients with individualized attention in one of our state-of-the-art facilities. Our physical therapists in West Palm Beach are equipped with the knowledge and skills in the most current techniques and methodologies that will restore strength, mobility, balance, endurance and function.

    At each visit, every patient receives one-on-one treatment with one of our staff therapists to ensure continuity of care and maximize the outcome of the treatment. Following treatment we also provide patients and care givers with information to prevent future injuries.

    We are dedicated to serving your individual needs and providing you with a comfortable, yet professional healing experience. Physical Therapy in West Palm Beach is both an art and a science, schedule an appointment with us today and see why we are the premier physical therapy center in Palm Beach County.

    • Orthopedic Rehab Specialists
    • Convenience of two locations
    • Experienced and skilled therapists
    • Dedicated to healing

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    FIRST Rehab of West Palm Beach located at 1920 Palm Beach Lakes Boulevard- Suite 110 , West Palm Beach, Florida
    Customer Rating : 10/ 10   Based on 45 ratings