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First Rehab West Palm Beach

Physical Therapy
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An excellent treatment to improve strength and endurance; Physical Therapy is a long-term choice for a healthier life. Physical therapy focuses on massage, exercise, electrical stimulation and hot or cold treatment methods for muscle and joint pain.  One might turn to West Palm Beach physical therapy after surgery or after an illness or injury.   Physical therapy can help improve and restore physical function as well as fitness level.

Physical Therapy uses a combination of various techniques that boost the range of motion and improve flexibility. Techniques include stretching, weigh lifting, walking, and core exercises. These exercises include a variety of movement to restore motion and activity. Therefore, patients who are unable to walk, go up stairs, or get in & out of bed, can greatly benefit from it.

Doctors often recommend West Palm Beach physical therapy for injuries and long-term health issues such as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Arthritis, and much more.  Doctors find that this is the best treatment to restoring a person’s health and mobility.

Physical therapists, who perform the therapy on patients are trained in various techniques and often customize their efforts to improve the patients’ well being. They know how to work with a variety of equipment to ensure a successful outcome for their patients. If you are looking for quality physical therapy in West Palm Beach, FL, for a family member or for yourself, you can count on FIRST Rehab.

At our state-of-the-art facility, we help patients who are seeking pain management or wish to restore activity after an injury or illness.  From a staff of well-trained physical therapists to cutting-edge equipment, and more, we have everything a patient needs to restore their functional ability and quality of life.

For more information or to visit our West Palm Beach or Lake Worth Physical Therapy office, contact us today.

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