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Physical Therapy
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People who play racquet sports such as tennis and golf sometimes suffer from tennis elbow or golfer’s elbow, conditions that often cause a shooting pain in the forearm or at the elbow joint inside of the arm.

Although this problem is common for athletes, even people who do not play tennis, golf, racquetball or other similar sports may experience this condition. Over time, those who perform repeated motions can develop inflamed muscles and tendons, which can cause severe pain.

Without proper treatment, people who suffer from these conditions typically feel pain that worsens when they grasp objects, and they may even be forced to give up some of their favorite recreational activities.

Find Relief Through Physical Therapy

Unfortunately, tennis and golfer’s elbow do not simply heal with time. Because these forms of tendonitis cause inflammation, which manifests as pain, surgery is not usually an effective treatment.  Those who experience this pain are often recommended for physical therapy.

Thankfully, people who are looking for physical therapy in West Palm Beach, FL may find relief. Physical therapists guide you through a treatment program that can help minimize your pain, help you increase flexibility and build the muscles you need to prevent further injuries. In many cases, patients are able to continue playing the sports they’ve always loved.

The length of the treatment varies, but after the program has been completed, patients may find permanent relief.

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Ready to treat your tennis or golfer’s elbow? If you’re looking for physical therapy, West Palm Beach offers some of the best physical therapists in the country. Contact The First Rehab today!



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