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Physical Therapy
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Experiencing Neck Pain? Three Issues Physical Therapists Can Help You WithUntil you’ve coped with lower back pain, it can be difficult to understand the impact that it has on all aspects of your life, from your social life to your career. If you suffer from lower back pain, your condition could worsen every time you bend, twist your body and reach for an object. Depending on the nature of your lower back pain, you could experience dull, constant pain; sudden, sharp pain; or even muscle spasms and stiffness.

Customized Treatment Plans

Thankfully, physical therapists at The First Rehab can help you with lower back pain management, whether your pain is due to a work incident, long-term muscle strain or other causes. They’ll coach you through an individualized treatment program that will not only reduce or eliminate your pain but also help you increase flexibility and build the muscles you need to prevent further back injuries.

The treatment plan typically lasts 12 weeks or longer, but after the program has been completed, many patients remain pain-free for life.

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Ready to relieve your lower back pain? When it comes to physical therapy, West Palm Beach residents can count on the specialists at The First Rehab to help them manage and alleviate their pain. Contact us today!

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Experiencing Neck Pain? Three Issues Physical Therapists Can Help You With
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